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SLAM 234: Terrence Clarke (Cover 1 of 2)

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***100% of proceeds from this product will be donated to the TClarke5 Foundation, a project of the Giving Back Fund created to honor the memory of Terrence Clarke.***

Throughout the 19 years of his life, Terrence Clarke was truly, one of a kind. There was a light that radiated both inside of him and all around him, from his unwavering charismatic energy to the way he always, always showed people love.

That light shined bright when he was on the basketball court, dishing between-the-leg dunks and elite crossovers as a top-ranked shooting guard at Brewster Academy, and it continued to glimmer during his lone-season at Kentucky, where he continued to stay positive even while dealing with an injury.

After declaring for the 2021 NBA Draft, the Boston-native was ready to illuminate that light at the the next level and prove that if a kid from the 617 could make it, they could, too.

“I want to be the first to say that I did this for the city, for the youth, for everyone. I’m from Boston, born and raised…This is my home. I want to do it for y’all.”

Terrence Clarke tragically passed away on April 22, 2021. With the blessing of his family and Klutch Sports, Terrence’s extraordinary life is honored with this SLAM 234 cover, which drops on his 20th birthday. All proceeds from the sale of this issue will go directly to his family and the TClarke5 Foundation, which you can donate to here.

PLATINUM EDITIONS will be randomly inserted into 24 orders. Only 24 platinums editions were produced worldwide as a part of the SLAM Metal Edition Series.