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Iowa 'Basketball Is Life' Tee

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Is basketball really life?  For some of us, the answer is yes. We eat, sleep and breathe the game. From the smell of popcorn popping and the sounds of a band playing inside a gym, to a pick up game on an outdoor asphalt court with chain nets, somebody somewhere is always shooting hoops.

Basketball culture is unique. The shoes, the music, the fashion, the icons are unmatched by any other sport. Even as we grow older and play less frequently or not at all the connectivity of the culture keeps us close. It remains a part of our lives.

This is our ode to growing up in the '90s. To remembering our childhood and simpler times. And most importantly, a reminder to not get lost in the details. Basketball is Life.

  • Unisex tee - SIZE CHART
  • Cotton/poly blend
  • All designs are a trademark of SLAM Media Inc