[BUNDLE] SLAM 32 - Allen Iverson & SLAM Presents JORDAN - SLAM
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[BUNDLE] JORDAN + Soul On Ice (SLAM Rewind Series)

$34.98 $13.99

[BUNDLE] JORDAN + Soul On Ice (SLAM Rewind Series)

$34.98 $13.99

Bundle includes one (1) copy of each of the following issues from the SLAM Rewind Series:

SLAM 32 - Allen Iverson (Rewind Series)

For the first time in SLAM’s history, we brought back a classic. SLAM 32, which originally dropped in March of 1999, has been reprinted as the first issue of the SLAM Rewind Series. The iconic “Soul on Ice” cover image of Allen Iverson kicks things off and is then followed up by incredible design and loud advertisements that scream, “THE 1990s WERE AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT.”

SLAM Presents JORDAN (Rewind Series)

The SLAM Rewind Series returned for Volume 2 with our first-ever Michael Jordan special issue. SLAM Presents JORDAN was originally released in 1997 and it features an extensive Q+A with the GOAT. The entire issue is a time machine back to when MJ ruled the world. The design language, the advertisements, the writing; it’s all a portal into a time where the legend was real life. 

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