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The Kobe Trilogy (SLAM Rewind Series)

$40 $24.99

The Kobe Trilogy (SLAM Rewind Series)

$40 $24.99

These pages are not just these pages. These pages are a time machine back to when Bean was Bean and there was nothing slowing him down on his sprint to become one of the best ever.

This third installment of the SLAM Rewind Series follows in the groundwork laid by our re-release of Allen Iverson’s SLAM 32 cover and the MJ-specific issue we brought back from 1997.

The entirety of these three Kobe-covered issues are presented in their original forms. The design language, the advertisements, the writing; it’s all a portal to a time where the legend was real life.

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  • Includes one Rewind Series copy of the following issues: SLAM 24 (March 1998), SLAM 66 (February 2003), SLAM 126 (April 2009)
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