Born and raised in Queens, New York, NYC’s fast-paced lifestyle and celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna’s life share a major commonality: The Hustle. 

In 2009 Yuna took a leap of faith and joined the family jewelry business where his extraordinary attention to detail, a knack for marketing and his unique and infectious charisma quickly made him a client favorite in New York’s Diamond District. Today, Yuna is known affectionately by all as “The Cleanest” jeweler in the business.

After breaking away from the family business in 2017, Yuna took his second leap and ventured out on his own, opening Chapter II - his first independently owned and funded venture. Yuna found a new set of challenges in re-branding, marketing, and starting a company from scratch. “A lot of jewelers have partners and are able to borrow jewelry, I was trying to build everything on my own. There was no plan B. My only choice was to make this work or that’s it,” said Yuna. This kid from Queens with a heart full of natural- born-hustle, met and overcame every challenge thrown his way. Today, Chapter II thrives in the heart of the Diamond District with clientele including the crème de la crème of music, sports and film passing through on a daily basis.

Yuna’s undeniable creativity and unique aesthetic is a force that exudes outside of the realm of jewelry and overflows into everything he decides to touch. Yuna as a jeweler has created his own transferrable brand, lending his eye as a partner in 3Kilos vodka, creating merch of his own as well as apparel collaborations, developing his humorous social media platform, creative partnerships with brands such as Fila, Puma and Nike, and the infamous 6th avenue shoots. Yuna and his crew, together with photographer Amurri Lauren capture an elaborate themed photo in the middle of 6th ave during the 51 seconds of the red light. Famed features range from Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon and BMX biker Nigel Sylvester to musicians Teyana Taylor and Usher.

Today, Yuna is evolving Chapter II to a brand that bears his namesake Greg Yuna. “I’m taking everything to a new level – more refined, established and elevated. I have a lot of exciting things planned for GY and where I want to take it.” This development includes an accessible line of precious jewelry, apparel & accessories and art.

“I want to be remembered not only as The Cleanest, but as someone who changed the game.

When everyone goes left, I like to go right. I want to go against the grain and be the best at it. And I had a good time doin’ it.”